Moroccans Expectations… Good-Quality Education and Affordable Healthcare (CSMD)

The results of the work carried out by the Special Development Model Committee (CSMD) demonstrated the expectations and aspirations of Moroccans, during the listening sessions and field visits, where the majority of citizens expressed their expectations regarding the quality of public services, access to economic opportunities and employment, and the consolidation of the principles of good governance.

With regard to education, emphasis is placed on rehabilitating public schools, through a fundamental improvement in the quality of education and its adaptation to the needs of the labor market, by raising the pedagogical competence of teachers, encouraging openness to foreign languages ​​and establishing an effective guidance system to increase the chances of academic success.

As for health, Moroccans demand the provision of quality treatments that are affordable for all. Expectations in this area focus mainly on the noticeable increase in the number of health professionals and the equitable distribution of health infrastructure throughout the national territory to reduce the stark disparities in this field.

Concerning health coverage, its universalization is widely unanimous; as it is seen as a fundamental right, and everyone insists on improving the services that this coverage must provide.

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