Spanish El Pais: Nasser Bourita, The “Iron Hand” Of Moroccan Diplomacy

At a time when the diplomatic crisis between Morocco and Spain is in full swing, the newspaper "El Pais" took the opportunity to praise Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita.

The most widely read Spanish newspaper “El Pais” has called Bourita the “iron hand of Moroccan diplomacy”, adding later “in a velvet glove” in evoking his calmness.

The newspaper which devoted an entire article to the Moroccan minister indicates that he is a man who speaks with a “very special low voice”, but who acts with intelligence. He also enjoys, adds El Pais, the total confidence of His Majesty King Mohammed VI who has entrusted him with this ministry of sovereignty, directly overseen by the King.

He is a “formidable negotiator”, the Spanish newspaper continues, especially when it comes to defending his country’s strategic interests. Moreover, he made important diplomatic breakthroughs, including, of course, the US recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Sahara.

El Pais recalls that Bourita is a technocrat who has no political stripe unlike his predecessors. He was appointed by the His Majesty the King in 2017 and reappointed in 2019.

The daily “al-Ahdath al-Maghribia” reports that one of Bourita’s collaborators describes him as: “a tireless man who can call on you at any time during public holidays or early in the morning”. This collaborator, who has known him for 30 years, emphasizes that the minister is known for his selflessness and invests his efforts in serving others and meeting their demands.

It should be recalled that Bourita has a good command of Arabic, French and English. “This 52-year-old son of a FAR officer, father of one child, was educated in public schools and spent nearly a quarter of a century in the foreign ministry.”

The man of strong character welcomed the adoption of the two bills relating to the demarcation of the Kingdom’s maritime borders. However, underlines “El Pais”, everyone knew that this law could create an overlap with the Spanish waters of the Canary Islands. Of course, Morocco’s sovereign initiative was not viewed favorably by Spain, but the two ministers ended up agreeing on this matter.

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