Spanish Judiciary Refuses To Arrest Ghali, An Algerian Plane Is Preparing To Deport Him

According to Spanish "El Mundo", Judge Pedraz's decision was the only condition for the landing of the Algerian Gulfstream G-IV (SP) plane.

The Spanish judiciary has put an end to the controversy that accompanied the entry of the separatist leader Brahim Ghali to Spain, under suspicious circumstances that were characterized in particular by the use of forged documents, which angered Morocco and ignited a diplomatic crisis, given the seriousness of such actions.

The Polisario leader appeared today, Tuesday, before the Spanish National Court, to stand trial via video conference.

The Spanish investigating judge, Santiago Pedraz, officially allowed the leader of the Polisario to leave, at any time, after he refused to impose precautionary measures against him.

According to “El Mundo” newspaper, an Algerian Air Force plane took off early Tuesday morning from Algiers. The newspaper indicated that the plane is still flying over Spanish airspace, waiting to be allowed to land and transport Ghali.

According to the same source, Judge Pedraz’s decision was the only condition for the landing of the Algerian Gulfstream G-IV (SP) plane.

In the details of the Spanish judicial decision, Judge Pedraz agreed upon the request of the Public Prosecutor’s office, that Brahim Ghali “Ben Battouch” would leave his phone number and address in Spain in order to be able to locate him, and refused to confiscate his passport and place him under surveillance, rejecting all requests made by victims of the separatist leader.

According to El Mundo, Pedraz, refused, for the second time, to arrest Brahim Ghali, due to what he considered to be the weakness of the evidence against him, which is also supported by the Public Prosecutor, Pedro Martinez Torrijos.

Pedraz considered that the charges against Ghali are suspicious except for one of them, noting that the statements of the victims in the case are not backed by firm evidence confirming that Ghali is responsible for any crime.

The newspaper quoted that Judge Pedraz concluded that Ghali cannot be subjected to travel bans and imprisonment just for entering Spain illegally.

Pedraz asserts, according to the newspaper, that the risk of Ghali escaping from justice is low, and that the case’s evidence cannot be destroyed.

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