Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: All Airlines Are Allowed To Fly To And From Morocco

Najlae Benmbarek, Director of Public Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, explained that all airlines are allowed to fly to and from Morocco.

During a radio interview, Benmbarek denied what had been circulated lately about restricting the movement of citizens to two companies, namely; Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia, stressing that travelers have the freedom to choose the company they want to travel with. The same spokeswoman said that the costs of the quarantine, which is required in the event of coming from one of the countries classified in Category “B”, and which will take place in one of the hotels determined by the authorities, will be paid by the travelers.

Benmbarek justified this matter by saying that this applies in the whole world, as travelers bear the costs of staying in hotels throughout the quarantine period. She also clarified that the phrase “the airspace is closed,” which was mentioned in the Foreign Ministry’s communiqué, means that the Kingdom is still under a state of emergency, noting that this does not directly affect those wishing to travel.

The same spokeswoman stressed that the vaccination passport becomes valid 4 weeks after receiving the second dose, but a negative PCR test for at least 48 hours remains necessary, adding that countries that adopt only one dose must provide their citizens or those wishing to come to Morocco with a certificate proving that the person has passed the mentioned period.

The official also confirmed that Moroccan travelers are not currently entitled to travel to one of the “B” classification countries without having an exceptional travel permit, and with respect for the specific conditions and procedures of the country they wish to travel to.

With regard to cruises, the same spokeswoman indicated that, this year, they will take place through the same transit ports as last year; port of “Genoa” in Italy, and “Site” in France, adding that travelers via ships will be subject, in addition to the “PCR” test they took before boarding the ship, to test for the virus on board.

She also explained that the classification published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was set by the health authorities based on the epidemiological development of each country, and that this classification, she said, would be updated every two weeks.

The communiqué indicated that this step comes based on the positive indicators of the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom and the decrease in the number of new Covid-19 infections, especially after the expansion of vaccination campaigns in our country. These measures aim to facilitate the return of Moroccans residing abroad to their home; as it is scheduled to resume flights to and from Morocco starting from Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

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