Libya and America reunited in Morocco

Stephen Townsend visited Morocco to attend the closing ceremony of African Lion 21 and to meet with several African defense leaders

The Commander of U.S. Africa Command, U.S. Army Gen. Stephen Townsend, visited Morocco to attend the closing ceremony of Exercise African Lion 21 and to meet with several defense leaders June 17-19. 

AFRICOM confirmed that Townsend met in Morocco with representatives of the Libyan National Unity Government and the Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army, appointed by the Government of National Accord, Major General Mohamed Al-Haddad.

Townsend met with senior Moroccan military leaders, including the Inspector General of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces, Abdelfattah Louarak.

During their meeting, they discussed the need for the immediate withdrawal of foreign forces from Libya, the ongoing efforts to unify the Libyan military institutions, and opportunities for greater military cooperation with the United States.

According to AFRICOM ,the  General Townsend confirmed, during a meeting he held on Monday with African leaders on the sidelines of the “African Lion” exercises in Morocco, that the United States remains focused on “maintaining strong relations with our partners.”

“We have worked hard to make this year’s training a reality and there is no doubt that we have all benefited greatly from it,” added the commander of US Africa Command.


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