Great damage on Spanish production ensued due to tomato importation from Morocco

Competition fears prompt Madrid to file a complaint

Tomato production in the Spanish region of Almeria was dealt a major blow for estimates showed a loss of the competition market by about 25M euros due to the importation of tomatoes from Morocco.

According to the Spanish newspaper ‘Okdiario’, the agricultural organization ASAJA presented a report following a series of meetings held with Spanish MEPs. Additionally, it highlighted Europe’s need to ensure strict compliance on the matter of trade agreements.

The previously mentioned association added that these agreements do not achieve the envisioned goals. Therefore, a letter was addressed to the Vice-President of the European Commission and the trade commissioner. It asks to adhere fully to the agreement with the Moroccan Kingdom, and highlights the need of a review, an update and an amendment due to the progress that the USA made.

Spanish farmers show great worry of the agricultural strategy ‘Al Jayl Al Akhdar’. The latter was founded by his Majesty the King Mohammed VI on February 15TH  of 2020, and puts in motion an establishment of 5OOO hectares of land destined for tomato production in the southern provinces of the Kingdom, most of which will be destined for exportation. That would surely push the Spanish tomatoes production into economic depression.

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