Implementation of the royal instructions regarding maritime transport of Moroccan expatriates

As an implementation of the royal instructions regarding the return of Moroccans expatriates to the Kingdom, the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, as per an agreement concluded with the Port Authority of Tangier-Mediterranean, leased two ships with a capacity of up to two thousand passengers and 500 cars each.

The ministry stated that it was entrusted to exploit them, after consultation with the Moroccan company “Intershipping”, with the aim of extending the available shipping lines.

According to the statement, the approved prices correspond to the basic ones of 995 euros for a reference package consisting of a car and 4 passengers. It’s worth noting that this additional offer raises the number of long-distance vessels exploited Throughout “Marhaba 2021” to 10 ships.

The ministry called on travelers wishing to obtain detailed information about the ships, such as rotation programs or compensations, to call the green numbers made available for this purpose. The latter which are (0539337155) nationally, and (60 50 100 080) internationally.

The Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water urges all travelers and shipping companies to respect all precautionary measures recommended by the Moroccan health authorities and the relevant authorities of the linking countries, in order to limit the spread of the (Covid-19) virus.


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