Rachid El Yazami, a scientist and inventor, establishes the first Moroccan Center on Batteries at the Private University of Fez

Inauguration of a center on batteries in Fez

On Friday, July 2nd, a Center of Excellence on Batteries was launched at the Private University of Fez, in the presence of multiple Moroccan researchers and academics.

This new project plan looks forward to be the turning point in advanced research in the field of the smart batteries of the future, to conduct experiments on batteries for the benefit of industrial partners, as well as to form national and international academic and industrial partnerships.
The center also provides training for engineers and doctoral researchers, in addition to the organization of events, seminars and open-door days on renewable energies.
The president of the private university of Fez, Aziz Lahlou, highlighted that the project of the center on batteries is led by the distinguished Moroccan inventor, Professor Rachid Yazami, alongside of regional universities, mainly Fez’ and Meknes’. He also noted that it is the first center of its kind in Morocco, which opens broad prospects in this field.
The center aims to advance Morocco’s distinguished position in the field of battery research, while exhibiting the importance of the University’s Scientific Council which was held on the same day and hosted fifteen prominent Moroccan and foreign researchers.
The President of the Scientific Council of the University, Rachid El Yazami, insisted on the importance of the Center of Excellence on Batteries, and expressed his hope of this new structure to know success in the field of energy and batteries.
Moreover, El Yazami called on future engineers to engage in entrepreneurial initiatives in order to accelerate Morocco’s socio-economic development and enhance competitiveness in this field.


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