Morocco: Vaccination Campaign Expanded to cover 35-39 age category

As part of the National vaccination campaign against COVID-19, Morocco’s Ministry of Health announces on a press release today that it has decided to further expand the list of beneficiaries range in age between 35 to 39 years old.

According to the press release, It also calls upon residents over 40 years of age who have not yet received vaccines to go to vaccination centers to take their doses.

The Ministry of Health also encourages all target groups to continue participating in this major national operation in order to reach herd immunity to Corona Virus by sending a short text message to the toll-free number 1717 or through the portal to find out the date and location of vaccination.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health stresses the need to continue to respect preventive measures before, during and after the COVID-19 vaccination; to contribute to efforts to control the spread of the virus in our country.



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