Morocco-Spain crisis: The Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Arancha, to be dismissed from her duties

Saturday morning, July 10, the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced changes to his government ministers.
According to an examined article reported by “El País” newspapers, the exemption of Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González from all duties, after it triggered a diplomatic crisis with Morocco; regarding Spain’s reception of the leader of the Polisario separatist mercenaries, Ibrahim Ghali, is one of the most notable decisions, except for the replacement of two separate ministers this year, three months after the left-wing disdain in Madrid provincial elections, this is the first and largest presidential change in the government since Sanchez’s inauguration as Prime Minister three years ago.
Thus, the Spanish Ambassador to France, José Manuel Albaris, who has already been a consistent candidate for this Ministry, will be in charge of foreign affairs.
According to the government, the primary goal of this change will be the country’s economic and social recovery.
As per observers, the Moroccan crisis had a significant impact, particularly on the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was accused by the Attorney-Office General’s of allowing the leader of the Polisario mercenaries into Spain unattended and causing the army to take illegal actions.


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