Covid-19 Vaccination Statistics in African countries

As of July 08, 2021, Africa had received 4.08% doses of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine per 100 people according to “Our World in Data “. The continent’s vaccination rate was significantly lower than the global average, which was 43.03 vaccines per 100 people on the same date. Vaccination in Africa was also marked by a significant disparity between countries. While Seychelles vaccinated 69.8% of population, the rate in Ghana was at a total of 1.3% of vaccinated citizens.

According to the “World Health Organization “51 countries in Africa have received vaccine doses. As per “Our World in Data “research website, Morocco had administered over 19.5 million coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination doses. A total of 28.3% of population in Morocco got at least one dose of and a total of 25.3% of population are fully vaccinated. The country started the immunization campaign in January, after the approval of the British AstraZeneca and Chinese Sinopharm vaccines for emergency use.

So far, the number of vaccines distributed in Morocco has comprised some 40 percent of the vaccines sent to Africa. South Africa, which accumulated the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the continent, carried out more than four million immunizations.

In February 2021, Africa began receiving vaccine supplies through the WHO-backed Covax facility which aims to provide two billion doses by the end of the year. Some African countries bought extra doses, while others received bilateral donations. More than five million people in Africa have been infected with the coronavirus since the outbreak began.




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