Electric vehicle charging stations product developed by Moroccan competencies and Government funding in Benguerir

A new production line for electric vehicle charging stations was launched yesterday. Developed by Moroccan competencies. According to a joint communiqué of the Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies and the University of Mohamed VI, which is a polytechnic multi-disciplinary University, this strategic project has been implemented. (iSmart), with the support of the Ministry of Energy, Minerals and Environment and the Ministry of Industry, Trade, the Green and Digital Economy.

In more detail, a communication from the Ministry revealed that the cargo station was the result of a research project developed by the green energy barn of the Institute for Research in Solar and New Energies and the multi-disciplinary University of Mohamed VI, in partnership with the Moroccan Enterprise, which specializes in electronic maintenance. The production line, which allows the assembly of many components manufactured by Moroccan partners, has been installed in Benguerir.

The production line consists of several industrial stations with advanced technology, which will enable iSmart to be better produced, and will also be used for prototypes, pre-manufacturing and manufacturing of new technology products.

As a product of the process of evaluation and research, this production line will allow, in the first year, about 20 direct jobs at Benguerir region, in addition to more than 100 indirect jobs through the system to be created with various Moroccan industrialists in the electronics, mechanical and distribution sectors.

With a production capacity of up to 300 freight stations per month, the line will ensure the production of pre-orders, through its extension and expansion, will aim to achieve annual production of 500 freight terminals with a terminus in 2022.

This innovative solution, adapted to the needs of the Moroccan and African markets, will guarantee many services to users of electric vehicles. This project also supports the liberalization of the mobility sector within the framework of industrial integration, thereby supporting companies and individuals.

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