Bank of Africa Support Traders Following New Procedures

Bank of Africa “BMCE” has announced that it is gradually facilitating all traders and professionals from the Mobile Payment Solution “DabaPay Pro” which authorizes them to accept payments through mobile payment programs from all banking institutions.

The bank revealed in a statement that it was essentially providing clients the ability to carry out immediate money transfers in addition to the billing feature, telephone refilling, and bank-card-free cash withdrawals in the banking group’s 800 ATMs, providing a perfect and complete experience.

Following deliberations with the entire banking system community, this investment was put in place to ensure the interoperability of mobile payment services, allowing all customers, traders, consumers, and professionals to process transactions within and between each other.

According to the same source, this unit is fully operational within a number of traders, pharmacies, and restaurants in order to utilize the non-card-based payment acceptance feature to traders and professionals.




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