Morocco and Portugal signing up for the world’s largest farm of hydrogen and green ammonia

Launch of the “HEVO Ammoniac Morocco” project, in Rabat, with the signing of the value chain agreement (infrastructure, security, transportation, and logistics) with the Portuguese technology company Fusion Fuel Green and Consolidated Contractors (CCC).

Fusion Green and Acquired Technologies (CCC), a Portuguese company, a global supplier of engineering solutions, signed a value chain agreement (infrastructure, safety, transport, and logistics) associated with the development of the HEVO Ammoniac project on Tuesday in Rabat.

The project, which is part of the Kingdom’s renewable energy goals, aims to produce 31,850 tons of green hydrogen, 151,800 tons of nitrogen, and 183,650 tons of green ammoniac per year.

The signing ceremony was held in particular by Mohamed Ghazali, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Badr Aiken, Chairman of the Hash-Do Group and Yahya Zniber, and representatives of the National Office for Hydrocarbons and Minerals.

On this occasion, the Director of Commercial Development for Fusion Fuel Green, João Wahnon, noted that this project, for which a total investment of 865 million Euro would be targeted, would result in production of 3650 tons of green ammonia in 2022, 20,000 tons in 2023, 40,000 tons in 2024 and 60,000 tons in 2025.

In terms of hydrogen production, 616 tons will be manufactured in 2022, 3,472 in 2023, 6,940 in 2024, and 10,000 tons and 411 in 2025 and 2026.

He declared, Morocco has the potential to develop a global leadership in the field of hydrogen production and export at the international level, as evidence by the declaration of cooperation in the field of green hydrogen signed last February between Morocco and Portugal, with the goal of setting the necessary foundations for the development of partnership in this clean energy sector between economic actors in the two countries.

He emphasized the remarkable progress and ambitions of Morocco in terms of sustainable development and renewable energies, noting that “Morocco has

raised by 2020 the share of green energies to 42 of the total electric energy, with a commitment to reach 52 percent by 2030.”

According to Mohamed Cherkaoui, scientific advisor to an American company that is a member of the Portuguese technology company Fusion Fuel Green and Consolidated Contractors (CCC), Morocco will host “the world’s largest green hydrogen and ammonia farm, whose production will be devoted exclusively to export to Europe.”


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