Tokyo 2021: Ahizoune celebrates with the national team members

Today, Thursday, the Royal Moroccan University of Athletics held a party in honor of the members of the national team at the National Institute in Rabat, before heading to the Japanese capital, Tokyo, to compete in the Olympic Games, which are scheduled for the next 23 July to 8 August.

It is recorded that Gymnastics, “the mother of all sports,” has the most representation in Morocco’s delegation, with 15 runners, primarily Soufian El Baqali, the 3000 meters steeplechase world champion, who is among the candidates for an Olympic medal, as well as his compatriot, Rabab Arafi, who will defy the odds in the 800 and 1,500 meters, while the runner Abdelaati Iguider is absent.

In addition to Al Beqali, Mohamed Tendoft and Abdelkarim Benzahra are present, while the trio of Mostafa Ismaili, Abdelaati Al-Kas, and Nabil Osama compete 800 metres away, with young Anas Al-Saai and AbdLatif Al-Saidi defending their fortunes in 1,500 metres.

At the long-distance level, Morocco participates in the 5000-10,000-metre Zuhair Talibi, and Sufyan Boukantar, 500 metres, Mohamed Reda Al-Arabi, Othman Al-Kumari and Hamza Sahly, in the Maraton race at the male level.

The Moroccan National Olympic Committee announced the final list of Moroccan champions competing in the Summer Olympics, “Tokyo 2020,” on Tuesday. The 48 names will compete in 18 sports classes, hoping to be crowned “Olympian,” following the bronze medal won by boxer Mohamed Rabii at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

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