Global Finance: Morocco ranked 24th as the safest country in the world and first in Africa

Global Finance: Morocco ranked 24th as the safest country in Africa outperforming Algeria, Tunisia, and many European countries.

Global Finance Ranks Morocco 24th Safest Country in Africa outperforming other North African countries such as Algeria, which ranked 61st, and Tunisia, which ranked 93rd.

Three fundamental factors are considered when identifying a country’s safety score published annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace, who uses 23 indicators of peace to determine the rankings broken down into three categories, namely, ongoing International and Domestic Conflict, Societal Safety and Security, and Militarization as well as the unique risk factors arising from Covid-19. Each of these factors were based on 2020 reports that were completed in 2021.

Morocco got an 8.05 on the Global Finance Safety Index Score within the aspects measured by the organization, with a lower value indicating greater safety.

Algeria, Morocco’s eastern neighbor, is ranked 61st with a score of9.8847, and Tunisia is ranked 93rd with a score of 11.31. Mauritania, Morocco’s southern neighbor, ranks 64th with a score of9.97, just behind Algeria.

“Deaths per capita is a direct measure of how well or poorly a given country responded to the spread of Covid-19,” as per the publication. Within this framework, a country’s performance is also influenced by the state of its healthcare infrastructure, governmental capabilities, political leadership, and “culture in the face of a major, unexpected crisis.”

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