New victory for Moroccan diplomacy: European Commission Extends Peasant Partnership with Kingdom of Morocco including Moroccan Sahara

The European Commission has decided to extend the Peasant Partnership Agreement with Morocco, which now covers the entire country, including all of Morocco’s southern territories.

In a statement released today, Friday, the Polisario front denounced the extension of the partnership between the European Union and Morocco, which covers the territory of the southern territories of the Kingdom of Morocco.

In this regard, the Front of Polisario had issued a statement through its “Representative of Europe and the European Union,” Abi Bakri al-Bashir, in which it had followed up discussions before the INTA Committee of the European Parliament, held on 13 July 2021, concerning the European Union-Morocco Partnership Agreement and its extension to the entire Sahara, noting its rejection of the resolution covering the southern territories of the Kingdom.

The European Union has issued a statement confirming its intention to send a mission to the Southern Territories to learn about the impact of the trade agreement on the Kingdom’s Southern Territories and the extent of development in southern Morocco.

It should also be noted that the official website of the European Union states that trade and investment relations between the Union’s member states and Morocco are intense, that the European organization is the Kingdom of Morocco’s leading trading partner, and that our country is also the European Union’s largest trading partner among neighboring countries.

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