Al-Amrani: 345 Moroccan combatants accepted back, mostly from Tangier, Fez and Casablanca

Soleiman El Amrani, Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Reconnaissance Committee on the Moroccans of Iraq and Syria, revealed today, at a press seminar held at the House of Representatives, that of the 345 Moroccan combatants who returned to Morocco from the hotbeds of fighting in Syria and Iraq, 245 come from three sides in the Kingdom, namely Tangier-Tetouan-Hoceima, Fez-Meknes, and Casablanca – Settat. He said: “This shows that a large number of people have joined the hotbeds from the cities of the north, the centre.

Concerning the remaining files, Al Amrani stated that the security officer was steadfast in resolving their return, in addition to the social, health, and psychological dimensions.

According to Al Amrani, the Committee’s reconnaissance mission was “difficult,” as the Committee dealt with a file of interest to other States in which the security aspect was brought in: “We did not know where we were going to end up, but we have the right to say that we have started the first step in the way of resolving the file,” referring, in particular, to the Committee’s recommendation to create a national institution, in which all those involved, with the participation of the security institution, would be involved to study the file on a case-by-case basis. In addition to a recommendation that concerns the legal and legislative aspects.

Based on the current report of the Commission of Inquiry, between 2012 and2017, 1659 Moroccans left the country to avoid jihad or for financial reasons, with 1,300 joining ISIS.

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