Morocco has not acquired Israel’s espionage program, and these are the real reasons for trying to frame the Kingdom.

Spanish media outlets, citing their Israeli counterparts, have uncovered sensational data about attempts to implicate Morocco in a global spy scandal on Pegasus, facts that would completely exonerate the Kingdom and expose the real behind the play.

According to the Spanish website “Okdiario”, Morocco is currently not available on the Pegasus spy program, first because of its very high price, and second because Israel allows it to be sold only to its close allies, with a clause allowing it to revoke its license if it is established that the owner used it to spy on one of its friends.

The newspaper adds that the spying operations on Macron’s phone did not come from a program. Pegasus, through another program called “Dark meter”, is produced by a stable company in the United Arab Emirates, from which French foreign intelligence has already acquired it. It works in almost the same way.

According to “Okdiario”, according to her sources, it was French intelligence that was spying on President Macron, and when she opened the process, she tried to promote misinformation and implicate Morocco in an unrelated case, neither close nor distant.

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