Former Liberian Minister for Foreign Affairs calls for the expulsion of the fictitious Republic from the African Union

Former Liberian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, called for the expulsion of the fictitious Republic from the African Union.

Mr. Milton Findley, speaking at a symposium Tuesday early, on the theme “The imperative of economic recovery: how the solution of the Sahara issue can promote the regional and continental integration of Africa, “that the so-called Republic was accepted in a given context, at a time when the continent was prey to different ideological currents that are outdated today; It is a context that has been recognized by most members of the African Union that are signatories to the Kigali proposal. “

During this debate, Mr. Milton Findley was mentioned by the Ghana Think Tank for Politics and Education. I believe that, at the twenty-eighth Summit of the African Union in Kigali, the 28 signatories to this proposal called for “working towards the early suspension of the so-called Republic within the activities of the African Union and all its bodies,” while emphasizing the “awareness” of these member States of the special circumstances in which the so-called Republic was accepted within the Union.

Through that document, which had been duly deposited and registered during the Kigali Summit, those 28 States, with reference to the circumstances mentioned, recognized the “illegal, outdated and unjustified nature” of the alleged existence of the Republic as a non-State entity within the African Union.

The former diplomat, who also served as President pro tempore of the Liberian Senate earlier, believes that the African Union must correct its “onerous legacy” by affirming its impartiality on the question of Sahara and by participating actively in the settlement of this dispute, within the framework of the United Nations series, which the African Union can effectively support.

Given the convergence of this resolution with the need to re-engage the African Union in effective, credible and impartial support for the United Nations, I should not view the expulsion of the so-called Republic as a taboo or elusive goal.

Mr. Milton Findley pointed out that this, which was part of a dynamic in which realism and pragmatism prevailed, was not an exclusively Moroccan endeavor, but rather an ambition for African States to put an end to pointless divisions and to stop the permanent exploitation of an organization that was supposed to serve the model and objective of Africa.

The event was attended by many stakeholders in Ghana and West Africa, including prominent decision makers, experts and academics, business leaders, and representatives of think tanks and civil society from the Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Senegal.

The purpose of the symposium was to discuss the current challenges facing the African Union in an objective, scientific and impartial manner, in a highly valuable and factual intellectual exercise, with credible experts and influential decision makers. Given the presence of the headquarters of the secretariat of the African Continental Free Exchange Area in the Ghanaian capital Accra, the discussions highlighted the challenges of regional and continental economic integration, while highlighting the role of the regional economic communities.


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