Greece: Arrest of Daesh-affiliated Moroccan in Coordination with Morocco’s security services

Rabat- according to accurate intelligence information given by Moroccan security services presented by Directorate General for Studies, Documents and the General Directorate for Territorial Surveillance, the specialized security services of the State of the Greece were able, yesterday, Tuesday, to arrest a 28-year-old Moroccan citizen, who was in position of command in the operational battalions ISIS terrorist organization in its conventional strongholds in the Syrian arena.

A security source knew that the arrest of the suspect gives as a culmination of coordination and exchange of intelligence processes carried out within the framework of multilateral security collaboration, to which Moroccan security interests and its counterparts in Greece, Italy, England and United States of America actively contributed.

The source added that the process of dotting the suspect in the database of International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, indicates that he was the of an international arrest warrant issued by the Moroccan judicial authorities, on suspicion of his involvement in preparing and implementation of terrorist projects and the perpetration of sabotage operations in Morocco at the instigation of previous spokesman. On behalf of the terrorist organization ISIS.

The same source highlighted that the suspect, who bears the nickname, “Abu Muhammad Al-Fateh”, had joined the ranks of terrorist organization ISIS in Syrian in 2014, before occupying prominent leadership positions in the so-called “special group” in the in the Deir Ez-Zur region, and in so-called “religious police”. Or “Hisbah” in the Wilayat of Raqqa. He had also appeared in a video documenting targeting of a Syrian fighter by a military weapon, while he was in flagrante delicto, threatening to fight the enemies of religion.

According to the available intelligence information about this leader in ISIS, the source added, he was able to escape ISIS fighting places to Syrian towards Europe, especially Greece, using false personal documents and impersonation of an incorrect identity, before he was identified, in his location and his detention in the framework of joint security operation.

He pointed that Moroccan judicial authorities have been notified of the arrest of the suspect, and coordination is currently underway with the competent authorities in Greece through the Interpol office of the General Directorate of National Security, in order to send the official file of the extradition request.

In addition to the same source, this successful security operation to which Moroccan security interests have effectively contributed, it indicates the importance of international security cooperation in combating and neutralizing the dangers of the terrorist threat, and the pursuit of members of terrorist organizations to deprive them of every safe haven or rear base.

This combined process embodies the serious and effective involvement of the Kingdom of Morocco in maintaining security and stability regionally and internationally.


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