Breaking News: King Mohammed VI calls for the opening of borders with Algeria

HM King Mohammed VI delivered, on Saturday, 31 July, a speech to the Nation on the occasion of the twenty second anniversary of the Sovereign’s accession to the throne of his glorious ancestors.
His Majesty the King devoted a significant part of this year’s throne speech to Moroccan-Algerian relations, reviewing the current state of these relations as well as the discrepancy and tensions that must be resolved, and concluding that Morocco and Algeria are more than just two neighboring countries, they are closely related twins.
Since the 1990s, King Mohammed VI has called for the opening of Algeria’s closed borders in the interests of both communities and for Moroccan unity.
His Majesty King Mohammed VI stated that since the signing of the Marrakesh Agreement in 1989, which established the Moroccan Union, Morocco had worked hard to strengthen fraternal relations with Algeria until the cause of the Sahara, which had disrupted the Moroccan case.
His Majesty the King believed that the current situation demands the overcoming of disparities, as well as the consideration of the past and future for the interests of citizens with bonds of fraternity, culture, and common fate, as the present situation of these relations doesn’t serve the interests of both countries, and is unacceptable to a great many countries.
Geographic location cannot change, and open borders are normal between two neighboring countries, according to His Majesty the King, because closing them is incompatible with a natural right and an intrinsic legal principle enshrined in international covenants, including Marrakesh’s treaty of the Arab Maghreb Union.
This is about the right to free movement of persons and services, goods, and capital between States, particularly the Maghreb countries, which have the qualifications to make it an integrated space characterized by cooperation, solidarity, and fraternity, and whose energies are directed by the region to meet common security and development challenges.
In this context, His Majesty the King adds: “therefore I believe that the security and stability of Algeria and the tranquility of its people are inseparable from the security and stability of Morocco, and vice versa: what affects Morocco will also affect Algeria, for he two countries are like one and the same body”.

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