The Moroccan Embassy in Ghana commemorates King Mohammed VI twenty-second anniversary of enthronement

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Ghana commemorated twenty-second anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s accession to the Throne of the North African Kingdom on Friday, July 30th.
The Ambassador, Her Excellency Mrs. Imane Ouaadil, reflected on the last 22 years under His Majesty’s enlightened leadership, during which Morocco experienced a wave of reforms that set the country on a dynamic development path, in a speech delivered on this occasion. She stated that infrastructure modernization, the launch of several sectoral strategies, and the massive renewable energy program all prompted to bolster the economy, support growth, and prepare the Kingdom for the future.
The diplomat noted that this year’s celebration coincides with the recent presentation of the new development model for a more prosperous Morocco before His Majesty. She stressed that this model reflects the uniqueness of the Kingdom’s institutional democratic model, in which the Monarchy is the centerpiece of the State, the symbol of the Nation’s unity, the guarantor of the balance of power, and the bearer of the long-term strategic vision.
She went on to explain that the new development model is comprised of specific development goals that would propel the Kingdom into the top third of various global rankings by 2035. “These objectives include doubling the GDP per capita by 2035, ensuring that more than 90% of pupils master elementary skills and competencies by the end of primary school, increasing the number of doctors per inhabitant to reach WHO standards, bringing the informal employment rate down to 20%, boosting the participation rate of women from 22% in 2019 up to 45%, and achieving a more than 80% satisfaction rate among citizens with respect to the administration and public services”, she said.
Concerning Morocco-Ghana relations, the Moroccan head of mission praised the Ghanaian authorities for their tremendous efforts to combat the pandemic and alleviate its economic burden on Ghanaians.
She emphasized the importance of Ghana and Morocco strengthening their cooperation in all areas, particularly the health sector. “The challenges raised by the Covid-19 crisis and the risks of future health crises make it now urgent to strengthen our regional cooperation in developing our nations and Africa ‘s health systems’ capacity for surveillance, prevention and resilience to meet our needs”, she said.
Due to the Covid situation, the celebration was held in the open air, with a few members of the Moroccan community and Moroccan scholarship alumni in attendance, and lasted less than 2 hours. All covid protocols were strictly followed.

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