The Moroccan embassy in Turkey celebrated King Mohammed VI’s enthronement

The Moroccan embassy in Turkey celebrated King Mohammed VI’s enthronement, but due to the current pandemic situation, and following the royal palace’s instructions that no celebrations be held, the embassy did not host any reception.
Turkey, like many other countries, celebrated the national day by lighting up the Turkish capital’s iconic tower in the colors of the Moroccan kingdom flag and projecting a video commemorating the occasion all day on July 30. As a result, ankariotes were able to become sensitized to the event on a large scale.
In this regard, His Excellency Ambassador Mohammed Ali Lazerq of Morocco to Turkey published a tribune in which he reflects on Turkish-Moroccan relations and the Kingdom’s achievements under King Mohammed VI’s leadership.
The Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Turkey built formal diplomatic relations in 1956, following the Kingdom’s independence, though the two countries’ relations date back centuries. Undoubtedly, the two countries have maintained secular, historical, and unbroken ties since the reigns of successive Moroccan dynasties and the Ottoman Empire.
Morocco and Turkey bilateral relations will be celebrating their 65th anniversary in 2021. In this context, the Foreign Ministers of both countries held a video conference in June. They assembled to strengthen bilateral cooperation mechanisms at the political, economic, cultural, and security levels.
In this regard, H.E ambassador Mohammed Ali Lazerq said: “I am delighted to state that the mutual support for the respective territorial integrity was reaffirmed by both top diplomats. On this matter, I wish to hail the convergence of points of view, both on regional and international issues, also highlighted during this virtual meeting”.
Mohammed Ali Lazerq went on to explain how important the National Day is to Moroccans for it is the occasion for Moroccans to renew their pledge of allegiance and the strong ties that unite the Moroccan people with their Monarch as the Commander of the Faithful. (Amir El Mu’minin). It has been the tradition for the past five centuries of the reign of the Alaouite Dynasty.

His Majesty specified throne day as an annual occasion to assess the Kingdom’s achievements on both the national and international levels during his reign.
Mohammed Ali Lazerq took the chance as Ambassador of His Majesty the King of Morocco to the Republic of Turkey,to pay tribute to the bilateral relations, friendship and cooperation based on mutual respect and historical ties that have linked the two countries for five centuries.
He also praised President Recep Tayyip Erdogan fruitful efforts to counter the pandemic in Turkey and to help other countries overcome their difficulties related to Covid-19.
He added: “Within the framework of tackling the pandemic, I would also like to extend my gratitude to the Turkish government for the special attention given to the well-being of my fellow citizens in particular, and to all foreigners based in Turkey”.

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