French Lawyer: Amnesty and Forbidden Stories have no evidence of Morocco’s use of Pegasus

Morocco’s lawyer announced in Paris that Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories had failed to provide evidence to the French judiciary, accusing Morocco of “using the Pegasus spy program.”

According to Olivier Baratelli, the time limit set by the Paris Criminal Court for Amnesty International and the press coalition Forbidden Stories to provide proof that they had accused Morocco of using the Pegasus spy program had officially expired, with no progress.

The Kingdom of Morocco and its Ambassador to France, Chakib Benmoussa, charged Olivier Baratelli with two cases of defamation “against these organizations, which were behind the disclosure of the clients of this NSO Israel-manufactured program.” The first corollary hearing is scheduled for October 8, but the trial is unlikely to take place for nearly two years.

According to Baratelli, Morocco believes it is dealing with a new issue and that the past has clearly demonstrated that it is easy to draw the wrong conclusions from such practices, expressing its disapproval of these “baseless media accusations, which appears to have been a sham to harm Morocco’s deep diplomatic relations with France.”

Furthermore, the Public Prosecutor’s Office directed the King’s Procurator-General to open a judicial investigation into false allegations, including news materials from foreign newspapers, at the Rabat Court of Appeal.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, “these allegations are attributable to Moroccan public authorities and involve national constitutional institutions in cases affecting the best interests of the Kingdom of Morocco.”

The King’s Procurator-General at the Rabat Court of Appeal also directed the National Judicial Police Division to conduct an in-depth investigation into this file in order to uncover the circumstances, backgrounds, and circumstances surrounding the publication of these accusations and allegations, so that responsibilities could be established and a legally binding arrangement in light of the results of the search.

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