World ambassadors aspiring to BCIJ’S Pioneering experience in combating terrorism

Today, Thursday, a group of accredited ambassadors to Morocco paid a visit to the Central Judicial Research Office in Salé to learn about Morocco’s efforts to combat terrorism and organized crime.
This visit is part of the security services’ openness to their surroundings, as well as the security apparatus’s transparency policy, the work and achievements of which have become particularly internationally recognized in the fight against terrorism.
Thus, 20 diplomats from around the world, some accompanied by mediator judges and counter-terrorism officials, were given the opportunity to learn about the BCIJ’s various activities and role in combating terrorism and organized crime and drying up their sources.
Morocco’s progress in combating terrorism and organized crime, as well as the importance of Morocco’s security cooperation with the rest of the world, were highlighted on that occasion.
The diplomatic institution led a delegation of ambassadors to meet with the Centre’s Director, Mr. Cherkaoui Habboub. Various interventions in this context focused on security issues in various parts of the world, particularly the Sahel region, emphasizing the need to strengthen cooperation in the fight against terrorism, particularly in this African region.
It should be noted that Moroccan security agencies have the necessary strength and capacity not only to ensure and maintain the security of cans, but also to cooperate with other countries in the field of security.
Several terrorist cells in foreign countries have been dismantled thanks to Moroccan security agencies’ cooperation, which is carried out in accordance with international conventions and treaties to which Morocco is fully committed.
Mr. Cherkaoui Habboub was presented with a memorial shield and a letter of thanks from the Foundation in recognition of Morocco’s efforts in the security field by Mr. Abdellatif Hammouchi, Director-General of the Directorate-General of National Security and the Directorate-General of Territorial Surveillance.
Ambassadors from Cameroon, Chad, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Belgium, Tunisia, Portugal, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Mauritania were among those who paid a visit to the BCIJ headquarters. Kazakhstan and South Korea, as well as the Chargé d’affaires of the United States of America, Libya, Canada, and Spain, were in attendance.

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