Moroccan Sahara: Nairobi Urged to Support Autonomy Plan Presented by Moroccan Ambassador

Nairobi - Moroccan Ambassador to Kenya El Mokhtar Ghambou called on Nairobi to support the autonomy plan presented by Morocco to resolve the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara case.

Ambassador of Morocco to Kenya El Mokhtar Ghambou encouraged Nairobi to support Morocco’s plan for self autonomy in the Moroccan Sahara matter to find a solution of the artificial conflict.
‘The Moroccan diplomat who was the guest this weekend of the Kenyan show ‘My Story’ on KTN said ‘I appeal to the Kenyan government which currently sits in the Security Council as a non-permanent member to support our plan of Sahara autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty.’
During his visit, the Ambassador emphasized the importance of taking seriously the problem of separatist movements in Africa which are present in at least 23 African countries, as outlined in its 2007 UN self-government plan, which provides a “practical” and “realization” solution to the Moroccan Sahara Regional Dispute.
“The fact that Kenya has always defended the territorial integrity of African countries does not overestimate Kenyans’ demand to change their position vis-à- vis the Sahara,” he continued.
The diplomat welcomed the Kenyan government’s decision in the next few months to examine the possibility of opening a residential embassy in Rabat, emphasizing the fact that the win-win aspect of Kenyan cooperation in Morocco is warranted by the two economies.
Noting that the Moroccan presence of Moroccan traveler Ibn Battouta in Kenya dates back to the 14th century, when he visited the Kenyan coastline in Mombasa and wrote on the Coastal Regions in Kenya, Ghambou noted that Kenyan history also has a strong friendship with the founder of the Kenyan nation Jomo Kenyatta and late HM King Hassan II.
“We are creating an Ibn Battouta (Ibn Battouta Africa Foundation) foundation, to reestablish our two nations’ economic and cultural cooperation,” he said.
The ambassador addressed the economic cooperation component and said that the Moroccan private sector, in particular in the areas of tourism, finance and insurance, is preparing to come and invest in Kenya.

He also spoke of South-South cooperation as a royal approach, recalling that with over 1000 economic agreements signed with its African partners, the Kingdom is the first African investor in Africa.
With regard to the 22nd anniversary of King Mohammed VI’s enthronement, the diplomat pointed out that it is a historical event that reflects the strong ties between the Moroccan people and the throne, as well as the annual opportunity to think about the Kingdom’s achievement as well as its challenges.
“My story” is a very popular Kenyan-style program that is often reserved to Kenya policy makers, ministers, leaders, governors and parliamentarians, every weekend from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. The first diplomat to be invited to this program is the Moroccan Ambassador.

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