Boussouf: Global Moroccan remittances achieved a new record of 44 billion dirhams

Abdellah Boussouf, Secretary-General of the Council of the Moroccan Expatriates, said that the Corona crisis has impacted a vast number of Moroccan communities, particularly those working in the pandemic’s most vulnerable sectors.

In a statement to the Maghreb news agency, Mr. Boussouf stated, “This circumstance prompted the international monetary institutions to issue alerts on remittances to migrants, which they predicted to fall by 20 percent.”

“Experience has shown a reversal of international expectations in regard to global Moroccans’ remittances, with a record of around 70 billion dirhams in 2020, according to the Exchange Office, and more than 44 billion dirhams in the first six months of this year, despite the health situation,” said the Expatriates’ Secretary-General.

“This is another inspirational story written by Moroccans living abroad in terms of national commitment and unconditional attachment to assets,” he continued.

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