Morocco and Israel foreign ministers discussing Iran-Algeria rapprochement

"We discussed Algeria's role in the Sahara case, but the arms agreements were not discussed,"

Yaïr Lapid, the Israeli foreign minister, announced today that he and his Moroccan counterpart, Nasser Bourita, discussed “points of concern” related to the Algerian-Iranian rapprochement.

“We discussed Algeria’s role in the Sahara case but the arms agreements were not discussed, Lapid said in response to a press query concerning Israel’s position on the Sahara and arms deals.

“With the two-State solution, there are currently obstacles in the restoration of negotiations between the parties, due to the Palestinian division (the West Bank and Gaza) as well as the structure of the Israeli Government,” the Israeli source stated.

However, a number of journalists who attended the meeting stated that rigorous protocols were in place.

They were controlled and checked in three steps (first, checking the national card, then verifying the national card and vaccination, and last, inspecting the journalists and their baggage), which enraged a lot of Moroccan colleagues, notably the Israeli side’s treatment of them.

On Thursday, Israeli Foreign Minister Yaïr Lapid stated that Moroccan and Israeli diplomats have achieved a deal to open the two nations’ embassies within the next two months.

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