Algeria’s President criticized for ignoring Morocco’s aid

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has turned a deaf ear to Morocco's help offer amid a surge in wildfires across the Kabyle region.

Algeria’s President ignores Morocco’s aid whilst Morocco offered free fire-fighting aircraft in order to help and support Algeria.

Morocco explained how its fire-fighting aircraft have been waiting for the green light from Algerian authorities before flying into the fire-ravaged forests.

But Algeria’s government chose to ignore the offer and request Europe for help, not for free, but for millions of euros.

Algeria’s government and president have indeed been widely criticized for refusing to accept free aid and aircraft.

Most recently, Ali Belhaj, a political opponent, has criticized Muslim and Arab brothers for refusing to help.

The problem with the Algerian system, according to Belhaj, was that it mixes up aid with political matters, and the fact that they had to be separated meant that such subsidies were welcomed.

Algeria had declined to reply to Mohamed VI’s request for fire-fighting aircraft, despite the fact that Morocco have six and Algeria had none, opting instead to get them from Switzerland, France, and Spain.

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