United States values Morocco’s “useful” role in Libya

The US ambassador and special envoy for Libya, Richard Norland, said Monday in Rabat that his country is “very grateful” to the “useful” role that Morocco is playing in supporting the political process in Libya.

Richard Norland, the US Ambassador and Special Envoy to Libya, stated Monday in Rabat that his nation valued Morocco’s “constructive” role in helping Libya’s democratic process.

However, Mr. Richard Norland said in a statement to the press after meeting with Mr. Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccan Expatriates, that “Morocco’s role in the region to support the political series in Libya is very constructive,” and that the US is “very grateful for that.”

Thus, the US envoy described his talks with Mr. Bourita as “quite fruitful,” saying that they covered “a wide range of subjects,” including “the upcoming Libyan elections in December. “

“The moment has come to put in place the constitutional and legal framework so that these elections can take place in the month of December,” Mr. Norland continued.


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