CDC Africa: Production of anti-covid vaccine in Morocco will help in the fight against the pandemic on the continent

Dr. John Nkengasong, head of the African Union Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Africa), stated Tuesday, August 17, 2021 in Rabat that the manufacturing and deployment of the Covid-19 vaccine in Morocco will "definitely" contribute in the fight against the pandemic in Africa.

Dr. John Nkengasong, head of the African Union Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Africa), said on Tuesday in Rabat that the vaccine’s manufacturing and usage in Morocco will “definitely” aid in the battle against the epidemic in Africa.

‘‘I’ve learnt that Morocco will begin producing vaccinations in a few months.’’ After meeting with Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, he informed the press that this will “definitely help battle Covid-19 in the Kingdom, but also at the continental level.”

Mr. Nkengasong also appreciated the scale of Morocco’s vaccination effort, which has now vaccinated more than 45 percent of the population, making it the first African country to achieve coverage equal to that observed in European countries.

He also voiced CDC Africa’s “support” for all of the Kingdom’s local and continental efforts to battle Covid-19, highlighting Morocco’s gifts to approximately 20 African countries last year to aid in the pandemic’s fight.

The Director of CDC Africa stated that the purpose of his visit to Morocco is to explore methods for African countries to benefit from Moroccan expertise in this sectors.

CDC Africa is an African Union specialized technical organization designed to support Member States’ public health programs and enhance their public health institutions’ capacity to identify, prevent, control, and respond to disease threats swiftly and efficiently.

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