Moroccan-Algerian crisis: Libya invites the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Maghreb Federation to meet in Cairo

Following Algeria’s decision to sever relations with Morocco, Libya, as the Chairman of the Arab Maghreb Union’s Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs, invited the member states’ Ministers for Foreign Affairs to a meeting in the margins of the League of Arab States’ Council at the level of Ministers for Foreign Affairs, to be held in Cairo from 7 to 9 September.

Libya, in a statement issued yesterday, expressed deep regret for the outcome of relations between Algeria and Morocco, and urged the two countries to exercise restraint, avoid escalation, and uphold the common principles and objectives for which the Arab Maghreb Union has established services to meet people’s aspirations.

The Libyan Foreign Office went on to say that this was part of a commitment to “historical, civilizational, and fraternal ties between the Arab Maghreb Union’s States, which was established in response to our peoples’ aspirations for greater integration, and to promote their past, present, and future.”

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