Djibouti regrets Algeria’s decision to cut diplomatic relations with Morocco

The Republic of Djibouti expressed its “deep regret” that Algeria had severed diplomatic ties with Morocco, and called for a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

“The Republic of Djibouti regrets Algeria’s decision to break-up diplomatic ties between Democratic Republic of Algeria and the Kingdom of Morocco,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Djibouti said in a statement.

They also “calls for the primacy of dialogue language and the settlement of the issue by diplomatic methods, assuring normalization of ties, boosting security, stability, and prosperity in the area, and serving unified Arab action,” according to the same source.

However, Djibouti “affirms its continual concern for everything that would enhance united Arab activity, sustain class solidarity, and bridge the divide between the brothers,” according to the same statement.

Algeria unilaterally had cut diplomatic relations with Morocco on Tuesday.

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