Mr. Hamid Asghar Khan about Afghanistan situation

According to a press release issued today, His Excellency Mr. Hamid Asghar Khan, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, briefed African Envoys, Academics, and Members of the Press on Pakistan’s viewpoint and contributions to the developing situation in Afghanistan.

The Ambassador made his fourth presentation today as part of the Embassy’s proactive outreach to major interlocutors and opinion makers, in which he underlined Pakistan’s role as a four-decade host for up to 4 million Afghan refugees dispersed over 54 refugee camps.

Thus, the Ambassador detailed Pakistan’s participation and facilitation of the evacuation of diplomats, media personnel, and other aid workers, which was warmly praised.

Ambassador Hamid Asghar Khan also stated that Pakistan’s and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s oft-stated position that there was no military solution to the Afghan situation had been fully vindicated, and that President Biden had explained in detail the reasons for the Ghani regime’s demise, including corruption, non-inclusion of the Taliban, and malfeasance.

The Ambassador noted that Pakistan was working with important neighbors and international partners to build mutual understanding in order to facilitate the formation of an inclusive Afghan government as soon as possible.

Pakistan As a responsible member of the international community and the most impacted neighbor will continue to support the new Afghan administration in pursuing peace and development on the path to prosperity and play a positive role in good faith in order to foster effective communication and understanding in order to deal effectively with the changing situation.

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