Nasser Bourita: Election dates must be respected to restore Libya’s stability

Mr. Nasser Bourita, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, underlined on Thursday in Rabat that the respect of Libyan elections dates, which were agreed upon by Libyans and civil society, “is vital and essential for restoring peace to Libya.”

Following his conversations with Mr. Aguila Saleh, President of the Libyan Parliament, Mr. Bourita stated in a news release that “Libya is at a critical point in its political journey, and the prospect of conducting elections on December 23 is the only option to settle the Libyan matter.”

He stated that the problem will be resolved by Libyans themselves, not by external conferences or interventions, but by democratic practice and the prompt organization of electoral benefits.

He stated “Libyans are fed up with gridlock and segregation. The moment has arrived to settle the legitimacy issue in Libya by holding elections on schedule and without further difficulties.”

In this regard, the Moroccan official emphasized the importance of all Libyan institutions participating in and accepting their responsibilities in preparing for and ensuring the success of these benefits, as the Libyan Parliament is a key player in this process, given its legislative role and the powers conferred on it by the constitutional declaration and the agreements reached between the Libyan parliament and the international community.

Mr. Nasser Bourita added that “conditions providing minimal requirements and assurances must be sought, since the wait for ideal conditions for conducting these elections may never be feasible,” emphasizing the necessity to work on current grounds and legislative frames of reference in order to govern these entitlements.

The President of the Libyan Parliament, for his part, stated that the Libyan problem would be addressed only if elections were held on time and a President was elected who would encourage peace and the unity of Libyan institutions.

Mr. Aguila Saleh stated that the House of Representatives had “done what it needed to do to prepare for these entitlements, through the preparation of laws framed for elections to the House of Representatives and the Head of State, which do not investigate any of the parties,” emphasizing that all constitutional and legal foundations for the election’s success were in place.

In this context, he emphasized the importance of the international community’s and Arab countries’ support for the holding of these elections, stating that “the only way out of the Libyan crisis, the consolidation of institutions, and the achievement of national reconciliation will be through the election of the President of all Libyans through the ballot box.”

Mr. Aguila Saleh determined that failing to hold the polls on schedule will worsen the situation in Libya and further split the various groups.

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