“Sinopharm” vaccine will be produced in Morocco next December

Morocco will begin to produce shots produced from the Sinopharm vaccine next month, according to Said Afif, a member of the scientific committee for immunization and a member of the “info vac.”

Afif told stated that Morocco can generate roughly five million doses each month through the SOTHEMA laboratory.

Morocco inked agreements in July to produce and distribute Chinese anti-corona vaccines as well as other vaccines in the country.

This was announced at a ceremony at the Royal Palace in Fez Medina, which was presided over by King Mohammed VI.

Three agreements were signed, one on an anti-covid vaccine collaboration memorandum between the Moroccan government and China’s national pharmaceutical firm Sinopharm, and the other on the preparation of vaccine production capacities in Morocco with Recipharm.

Sinopharm and SOTHEMA of Morocco have reached a third deal, allowing SOTHEMA to produce the Chinese vaccine.

The conventions aim to increase Morocco’s self-sufficiency by allowing it to develop a corona vaccine.



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