Morocco national team departed Conakry Airport after the coup d’état

The Moroccan National Team has just departed Conakry Airport after postponing its match against the Guinean National Team due to the hazardous security situation caused by the coup of President Alpha Condé.

The Moroccan national team has been in Conakry, Guinea’s capital, since last Friday, in preparation for their interview on Monday at 5 p.m. against Guinea for the 2022 World Cup.

The Atlas Lion group, which includes technical, medical, and administrative players and personnel, is on its way to the Kingdom, pending a decision by the African and international delegations on when the clash between the elected parties will take place.

On Sunday morning, the Guinean capital witnessed a coup d’état against President Alpha Condé, with heavy machine-gun fire reported in the center of Conakry, according to witnesses from France-Press.

There has been no explanation for the unexpected tension in Conakry, where the president, State institutions, and business offices are located, and the authorities have stayed mute thus far.

Residents in the Kaloum region (which encompasses the capital’s center) who talked to France-Press reported hearing loud gunshots.

They told France Press, on condition of anonymity for security concerns, that they saw a lot of troops telling people to return to their houses and not leave them.

Residents reported witnessing a large number of troops telling residents to return to their houses and not leave.

According to Reuters, the single bridge connecting the mainland to Kaloum, which contains most of the ministries and the presidential palace, has been closed, and that numerous troops, some highly armed, have been stationed near the palace.

A senior government official claimed that President Alpha Condé was not harmed, but no additional information was provided. According to Reuters, a witness observed a person with gunshot wounds.

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