Murder of two Moroccan drivers and injury of a third by gunmen in Mali

At the Moroccan Embassy in Bamako, two Moroccan truck drivers were killed by gunmen on Saturday, while another was wounded, and a fourth driver survived inside the financial territory while transporting products to Bamako.

The incident occurred near Didiéni, 300 kilometers from Bamako financial center, when they were stopped by an armed group of several men hidden in the woods along the road, shooting at Moroccan drivers.

The wounded driver was brought to a nearby hospital for initial treatment, and his condition is not considered life-threatening.

The attackers were disguised, wore protective vests, had radio communications, and did not steal anything, according to eyewitnesses, since they departed soon after committing their act.

The Moroccan Embassy in Bamako is in contact with the two countries’ relevant authorities, as well as Moroccan carriers, to complete the appropriate steps in these situations, including a request for a financial inquiry into the circumstances of the event and the necessary action.

However, the corpses of the victims are currently on their way to Bamako.


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