Moroccan ambassador to Mali reveals the latest developments in the death of two Moroccan drivers at the hands of gunmen

Hassan Naciri, the Moroccan Ambassador to Mali, stated: “Against the backdrop of the terrorist incident that occurred yesterday on Saturday, 11 September; after the attack of the Moroccan drivers by unknown gunmen” the Moroccan Embassy in Bamako has taken a series of actions.”

In this regard, the Moroccan ambassador told the “Morocco Telegraph” news outlet: “So far, the embassy has coordinated with the Ministries of Health and Finance, and this has led to the embassy bringing the bodies of the two dead people; after midnight last night, they were deposited in a mortuary in the capital, Bamako, in the presence of an embassy representative.”

The injured victim was transported an hour ago, according to Ambassador Naciri. In the presence of all personnel of the embassy and several Moroccans resident in Mali, he was taken to a hospital in the capital, Bamako, where physicians began treating him.

The Moroccan embassy has formally requested an inquiry into the accident to determine all of the circumstances surrounding it, according to the ambassador.

On whether the accident had more than simply criminal intentions, as some Moroccans believe, the ambassador said that the financial authorities’ inquiry will answer this point; “You will tell us the outcome”; “It’s tough to build on preconceived notions while waiting for the truth to emerge,” he said.

Two Moroccan drivers were shot dead by armed gunmen yesterday, Saturday in Mali, while driving trucks loaded with goods to Bamako, according to the Moroccan Embassy in Bamako. Another driver was wounded, and a fourth driver survived.

An armed gang of several persons hidden amid the woods on the sides of the road intercepted them and began fire in the direction of the Moroccan drivers near the village of Didiéni, 300 kilometers from the Malian capital, Bamako.

The wounded victim was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, and his condition is not life-threatening.

The attackers were disguised, wore bulletproof jackets, and had radios, according to eyewitnesses. They also didn’t steal anything since they fled the scene of the crime right away.

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