Mali strongly condemns the “cowardly and barbaric attack” on a Moroccan transport truck in Didiéni

Mali strongly denounced Saturday’s “cowardly and savage attack” on a Moroccan transport truck in Didiéni, which left two Moroccan drivers dead and injured, according to a communiqué released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Financial Cooperation.

The communiqué, issued at the conclusion of the reception of the Moroccan Ambassador to Mali, Mr. Hassan Naciri, by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Financial Cooperation, Mr. Abdoulaye Diop, stated that the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Financial Cooperation “strongly condemned on behalf of the Transitional President”
According to the communiqué, the Minister of Finance had conveyed “on behalf of the Transitional President and the Government, Mali’s condolences and entire solidarity with the Government and the fraternal people of Morocco” during this difficult time.
He also expressed his sympathies to the dead’ families and wished the injured a fast recovery.
In this regard, the Minister of Finance informed the Moroccan Ambassador that the ministries in charge of security, defense, and health had taken all necessary steps in their respective areas since the attack, noting that Mr. Diop had “expressed the commitment” of the financial authorities to find and prosecute the perpetrators.
It should be noted that the Minister of Health and Social and Financial Development, visited the Moroccan driver, accompanied by the Ambassador of Morocco, who is lying in a sanatorium in Baku after being wounded in the criminal attack on Saturday, which targeted Moroccan drivers, leaving two of them dead.
During the visit, the Minister of Finance was assured of the driver’s health and conditions of treatment and heard clarifications from the medical staff.

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