Morocco signs the “Macolin Convention” on the manipulation of sports competitions

Morocco signed the Macolin Convention on Sports Manipulation on Monday, an international legal instrument aimed at preventing, detecting, and sanctioning sports competition manipulation as well as strengthening cooperation between the authorities’ public bodies concerned with sports organizations and sports betting operators.

The convention was signed by Chakib Benmoussa, the Kingdom’s Ambassador in France, and Bjorn Berge, the Council of Europe’s Deputy Secretary General, in the presence of the Consul General of Morocco in the Alsatian town of Driss El Kaissi, at the Council of Europe’s headquarters in Strasbourg.

On this occasion, Mr. Benmoussa handed over the original full powers to Mr. Berge.

Morocco had an active role in the discussions of this agreement, which provides a legislative framework for collaboration aimed at finding effective common remedies to the issues posed by sports competition manipulation and other immoral acts in this field.

According to a press statement from Morocco’s Consulate General in Strasbourg, signing this instrument will allow Morocco to reaffirm its commitment to contributing to the preservation of ethical and integrity values, as well as its dedication to the application. Good sports governance principles.

The “Macolin Convention” establishes a wide range of normative and operational mechanisms relating to prevention, repression, international cooperation, and information exchange, as well as monitoring mechanisms. It is divided into nine chapters. As well as appraisal.

This Convention, which is the only worldwide legal standard in the area of sports competition manipulation, went into effect on September 1, 2019. It has been ratified by seven countries: Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Switzerland, and Ukraine. It has been signed by 30 European countries as well as Australia.

Non-member states that took part in its development or have observer status with the Council of Europe, as well as other non-member states, are eligible to sign it.

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