The President of the Libyan High Council of State welcomes Morocco’s efforts to bring together the points of view of the Libyan protagonists

The president of Libya’s High Council of State, Khaled Al Mechri, praised Morocco’s efforts to bring the Libyan protagonists’ points of view together, as well as its desire to achieve political consensus in order to resolve the Libyan issue, on Tuesday in Rabat.

The Libyan official was speaking during a press conference with Nasser Bourita, the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Abroad.

According to him, the Council “strongly insists” on the holding of legislative and presidential elections on December 24 and wishes to reassure all candidates of the Council’s commitment to impartiality and independence.

Mr. Al Mechri raised “concerns regarding the conduct of the electoral process, including the acceptance of its results,” stressing that the High Council of State is working with local and international partners to dispel and mitigate these anxieties.

In this regard, he stated that the Council is seeking guarantees on the acceptability of poll results, particularly those of the presidential election, as well as guarantees on the holding of “safe and acceptable parliamentary elections to allow the executive power to carry out its tasks.”

And to state that the Libyan High Council of State is a key partner in the development of electoral laws, and that it seeks to reach an agreement with the House of Representatives on those laws, noting that “the points of divergence with the House of Representatives are specific, and that an agreement can be reached as soon as possible.

In the interest of Libyans, the president of the Libyan High Council of State emphasized his intention for the executive power to be able to provide the best possible conditions for the holding of these elections, as well as to prepare for them in terms of logistics and security.


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