Bourita reaffirms Morocco’s continued commitment to promote democracy

Nasser Bourita, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to “support democracy and improve its resilience.”

Bourita said that Morocco, as a partner of the Community of Democracies, “remains committed to promote democracy and strengthen its resilience, while supporting adherence to common democratic values, human rights, and the rule of law, as set out in the Community’s 10th ministerial conference, held virtually Wednesday on the sidelines of the 76th United Nations General Assembly.”

“Under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, Morocco itself is actively engaged in a solid process of democratization, within the framework of the Kingdom’s long reform trajectory”, he recalled.

In this regard, the Minister proposed that the New Development Model be adopted this year, with the goal of realizing the country’s full potential and enshrining democracy so that citizens can take control of their lives and futures in a “open, diverse, just, and equitable” society.

“Resilience and democracy are inextricably linked in Morocco. In reality, despite the pandemic catastrophe, the King’s reforms continued,” Mr. Bourita said, adding that these changes were bolstered by ambitious efforts like the introduction of the generalized social security system.

At the same time, he continued, “despite a tumultuous context for democracy at the regional level and the challenges posed by a persistent pandemic, the Kingdom’s democratic vitality was clearly demonstrated during the general elections” of September 08, noting that the participation rate exceeded 50%, with over 60% in the Moroccan Sahara Provinces.

In this regard, Mr. Bourita stated that the international community congratulated Morocco on the success of these elections, which were held with the participation of 4,323 civil society organizations and 152 international election observers, all of whom contributed to the increased transparency and integrity of the process.

In addition to “essential” democratic ideals and practices like free and fair elections, the Minister emphasized the Kingdom’s inclusive attitude to civil society as a feature of Moroccan society.

“The web of civil society in Morocco has never been so dense,” the diplomat said, noting that the 2011 Constitution gave it a “very important” consultative role, as well as a role as a growth catalyst.

Furthermore, the minister stated that for Morocco to consolidate democracy and enhance its resilience, residents must be assured of not only their fundamental rights, but also a healthy and prosperous living environment in a secure and stable environment. As well as harmony.

The Minister emphasized the Kingdom’s dedication and noteworthy actions in this regard, particularly in the battle against terrorism and religious extremism, migration, environmental action, and climate change.

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