The OCP criticizes the false data of a French documentary on Moroccan fertilizers

The OCP group wrote to the ethics committee of the France Télévisions media group, after misleading data was presented during a documentary entitled “Vert de rage…Engrais maudits” on one of its channels, claiming that the office was responsible for the fertilizer contamination.

In a statement on its official website, the group stated that the documentary contains a lot of bias, fallacies, and scientific lies about phosphate fertilizers because scientific studies do not show a link between phosphate fertilizers and food exposure to cadmium, which was the documentary’s main topic, and proves that the main exposure factors Not related to fertilizer.

The OCP organization chastised the journalist for ignoring scientific information that contradicted his thesis and stated that it complies with the most stringent international laws in this area. He was eager to share additional information.

The organization also stated that it “places a high value on sustainable growth and works relentlessly to reduce its activity’s ecological imprint, as indicated by its environmental performance and ongoing commitment to local communities.” For the sake of comparison, the ecological footprint.

The documentary’s content, which was finished by French investigative journalist Martin Bodou, stirred debate about Moroccan fertilizers, which he dubbed “cursed” since they contain the dangerous “cadmium.”

The controversy over the investigation’s findings, which all fell under the category of “accusation” against Morocco, coincided with statements accusing the French production company of “exploitation, distortion, and lack of professional ethics,” according to Moroccan journalist Salah Eddine Kharouai, who contributed to the documentary’s completion and facilitated the world premiere.

“I was abused by Martin Bodou, who carried out a number of manipulations, taking advantage of my commitment for the sake of my city of Safi, as well as my financial circumstances,” the French journalist said in an explanatory statement, adding that the work around the city of Safi carries a lot of misinformation and that he did not realize the hidden agenda of those behind it. A Moroccan journalist expresses his dissatisfaction with the way his participation in this project has been distorted.

Kharouai said his participation in the documentary was motivated by his interest as a journalist in environmental protection issues and his desire to advance his career, but he discovered after Promo aired the work on a French channel that the matter is linked to a hidden agenda aimed at harming Morocco’s interests by attacking the OCP group, one of the country’s main economic players.

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