Mr. Bourita before the UN General Assembly: The 8 September election confirms the attachment of the people of the Moroccan Sahara to the territorial unity of the Kingdom

According to Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the massive participation of the population of Moroccan Sahara in the elections on 8 September confirms the population’s commitment to the Kingdom’s territorial unity and full commitment to the implementation of the new development model in the Southern provinces.

This accession “undeniably reflects the willingness of the people of the southern provinces to fully and effectively engage” in the implementation of the sustainable development project launched by HM King Mohammed VI in 2015, according to the Minister, who spoke via video conference at the United Nations’ 76th General Assembly.

Mr. Bourita stated that people of southern Morocco live in peace and tranquility and actively participate in the region’s socio-economic development. the voting operation in the Moroccan Sahara, took place in a climate of mobilization.

At the same time, the Minister expressed Morocco’s willingness to continue working with the UN Secretary-General to find a realistic, pragmatic, and long-term political solution based on compromise and respect for Morocco’s territorial integrity.

He insisted that the only way to a political and definitive solution to this artificial regional dispute is for Algeria to assume full responsibility in the political process of the Round Tables.

He also emphasized that Morocco has placed the issue of regional and international stability support at the heart of its diplomacy since independence, stressing that the Kingdom remains committed to working for a final settlement of the regional conflict surrounding the Moroccan Sahara.

Mr. Bourita also voiced Morocco’s worry about the dreadful humanitarian situation in the Tindouf camps, where Algeria, the host country, has handed over its responsibilities to a separatist armed group, in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.

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