Macron describes the Algerian regime as “Debilitated and Tebboune is stuck in it”, Algeria summons its ambassador to Paris

Algeria recalled its ambassador to Paris on Saturday for discussions, following French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to cut visas and controversial remarks about Algerian politics and history.

This comes just three days after the French ambassador to Algiers was called to the foreign ministry to express his displeasure with Paris’ decision to cut down on the number of visas granted to Algerian citizens.

And the French newspaper “Le Monde” reported that Macron said, in his comment on the reduction of visas for Algerians: “I am not talking about Algerian society in its depths, but about the military-political system that was built on this rent linked to memory. Weakened by movement”

Macron added: “I personally had a good dialogue with President Tebboune, but I see that he is stuck in a very difficult regime.”

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