100 billion centimes to integrate the official character of Tamazight

Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch stated that the government will work to complete the integration of the Amazigh official character, indicating that a special fund with a budget of one billion dirhams will be established for this purpose by 2025.

During his presentation of his government’s program to the House of Representatives and council members, Akhannouch also mentioned the government’s determination, in the cultural field, to prioritize integrating cultural heritage into the economic and social lives of female and male citizens, to achieve a broad development of cultural production, and to invest in cultural pluralism in all of its forms.

In terms of public-school reform, Akhannouch believes that the achievement of the challenge of creating a quality school is contingent on increased engagement among public school players and the strengthening of educational aspiration to achieve true equality of opportunity.

He went on to say that progress toward equality requires supporting an ambitious early childhood policy, arming children with the necessary knowledge, and educating young people to hold to Moroccan cultural values in all of their Islamic, heritage, intellectual, cognitive, social, and artistic components, all while keeping up with the rising generation until it is saturated with openness values. Tolerance between religions and an interest in cultural heritage in all of its forms.

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