Public Prosecutor: Statements of Monjib to Be Banned from Traveling ‘Contrary to Reality’

The Public Prosecutor at Rabat’s Court of First Instance says that Maati Monjib’s statements on social media dated October 13, 2021, in which he claims to have been wrongfully banned from traveling, are “contrary to reality and utterly false.”

According to a statement from the public prosecutor, Monjib is the subject of a money laundering investigation by the investigating judge, and after being detained in this case, the investigating judge granted him provisional freedom subject to two measures of judicial control, namely the closure of borders against him and the withdrawal of his passport.

Monjib filed a request for the lifting of the hold on his bank account and property, the recovery of his passport, and the opening of borders before him through his lawyers on October 7, 2021, which was denied by the investigating judge on October 13, 2021.

Monjib proceeded to the Rabat-Salé airport to leave the country, despite the fact that the decision to seal the borders against him is still in effect because the investigating court refused his request.

In connection with the aforementioned case, Maati Monjib’s assets were blocked as a precautionary step, which is common in money laundering situations.

In light of the upholding of the judgment by the investigating court, as previously described, Maati Monjib’s complaints of an oppressive travel ban remain unfounded, according to the statement.

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