France extradites Morocco an Algerian accused of carrying out a terrorist act in Marrakech in 1994

According to Spanish media, French authorities have ordered the expulsion of an Algerian citizen accused of taking part in a terrorist attack on the “Atlas Asni” hotel in Marrakech in 1994.

The same source stated that the French authorities had told their Algerian counterparts of their intention to repatriate Algerian “Abdel Latif Ziad,” the mastermind of the Marrakech assaults, to Morocco, a move that Algerians were unhappy with.

For his role in the terrorist assault, the French judiciary had earlier condemned Abdel Latif Ziad to eight years in prison and ordered his exile from the country.

Ziad, a former member of the Islamic Youth Movement, is said to have escaped Morocco to France, where he was expelled in 1984. He traveled to Libya, Algeria, and then France, where he joined the Islamic Salvation Front, which he represented.

A terrorist attack on the “Atlas Asni” hotel in the heart of the kingdom’s tourist city occurred in 1994, when gunmen targeted the hotel. It was embodied in the announcement of a unilateral closing of the two countries’ land borders, which remains in effect to this day.

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